west africa

At the moment, progress in tackling child marriage is painfully slow.
She asked for prayers for her son and “all suffering from this debilitating disease called depression.”
"We all know African prints are awesome and beautiful. Appreciate them, but don't make it look like you just discovered them."
A massive mudslide tore through Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. Thousands have been left homeless, and over 600 people are still missing.
Manifestação - Sports is never just a game and often political, as Brazil learned well during its 2014 World Cup. Senado
Humanitarian catastrophe is becoming commonplace – part of a new normal in which fragile governments, violence, and conflict
Ocloo was a business pioneer and champion of low-income women.
Many are to blame for the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa but public health institutions reliance on private funding was key factor to the spread of the outbreak.
When money is involved, big business gets mean. In Kenya, a multi-national for-profit private school company is using threats
It's not just genetics that influences whether your nose turns out short and wide or tall and narrow.
“They wanted to look like Rihanna or Beyoncé. Even that was a bit too plain for them.”