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Whenever Chloe visits, she wants me to read her favorite literary masterpiece, "Tick and Tock's Clock Book." Subtitled "Tell
America is in the midst of a dramatic shift in public opinion, one which began at least a decade ago and shows no signs of reversing any time soon. The concept of fully legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use must now actually be considered the mainstream opinion in America.
An eclectic selection of the best new shorts along with rare gems that reflect the trans experience through film are expected to be showcased in the city of West Hollywood.
An eclectic selection of the best new shorts along with rare and underseen gems that reflect the trans experience through
by Justina Huddleston, food writer for the Menuism Blog Related Links from the Menuism Blog: • The 10 Best Food Halls in
By far, the longest (and most eventful) leg of my Busk Across America trip was street performing up the West Coast through California, Oregon and Washington.
4. Dirtybird Campout Dirtybird, as it's known now, grew out of a collaboration between them and Do Lab--the organization
Having lived here for over a year, I'm still as head over heels as I was when we first arrived. I won't pretend that Vancouver's the cheapest place to live -- the affordability aspect is something I often question. But this ocean-wrapped city offers a melange of urban living, outdoor activities, beautiful views, and glitz and glam that you won't find elsewhere.
Instead of buying from a store, GovX has formed a number of connections with manufacturers, so any orders come direct from
Party & Bullshit Notorious · 2009 Biggie's two favourite rappers were Jay-Z and Too $hort. Biggie used to record songs and
The rotation of minds and methods is an inspiring way to keep art fresh and prevent stagnancy. It is also an important element
Traditions are as diverse from one country to another as they are from family to family but the commonality of them all intersecting has a way of connecting us.
This article first appeared on QuietRev.com The Pacific Ocean is anything but pacified. The Pacific always wants something
1. The "West Coast" is not just California Los Angeles may be the biggest city on the West Coast with 3.8 million people
There was some chatter on the blogs about two gay cast members joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop all summer long but it wasn't until the premiere and that kiss between Miles and Milan that viewers knew for sure that the season was going to be like no other season, moreover, no other franchise of Love and Hip Hop
The warming of the ocean surely has an impact on changing growth patterns of marine plants and animals, just as the changing pH or acidity of the ocean has been shown to modify habitat and migrations. But what else?
Hailing from Germany but transplanted to San Francisco, songwriter and producer Chris Wirsig of the electro-noir-pop duo no:carrier, depicts a more obscure vision of California.