West Coast of the United States

As the East Coast gets drenched and the drier West Coast is ablaze, climate change may not be the only factor.
Warnings of low moisture and strong winds threaten to fan flames after cooler conditions offered a brief reprieve.
The death toll from the fires in California, Oregon and Washington stood at 31 and was expected to rise sharply.
The governors in the Northeast and along the West Coast announced separate state compacts after Trump said he gets to decide when to "open up the states."
After years of uncertainty, fishermen who use nets to catch rockfish, bocaccio, sole, Pacific Ocean perch and other deep-dwelling fish are making a comeback.
Location, location, location.
The federal agency is calling on property owners to volunteer space where a mounting toll of dead whales can decompose naturally.
"Is this the harbinger of things to come?” one ecologist asked.
Last year's California wildfires were among the deadliest ever in the U.S.
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