West Texas

An intense storm system swept through Oklahoma, western Texas and southern Kansas on Monday, spawning several tornadoes that caused some damage.
The decision came down just days before 50 detainees were to be deported to Cambodia.
Rogelio Martinez, 36, was on patrol in West Texas when he and his partner reported needing help, officials said.
Living through the booms and busts in a West Texas oil town.
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Some of the same people who protested her views asked her for help when their daughters needed abortions.
If we are to maintain the way of life we enjoy while maintaining a safe and healthy environment, we need to require more careful management of toxic substances.
Drug use is a significant factor in workplace injuries and crimes involving oilfield workers.
The Arkema factory disaster shows what's at risk with President Donald Trump's industrial agenda.
Federal judges have invalidated two of Texas’ 36 congressional districts, setting up a scramble to redraw them ahead of the 2018 elections.
If you sleep with evil, you will certainly get at least some it on you.