"He's not a cowboy; he's an actor" and a bit of a "B-I-T-C-H" Campion said of Elliott's complaints the Western wasn't filmed in the U.S. and was too gay.
"This is a palate cleanser between two superhero movies," Young said about their film, "Paradox."
Outmoded Laws While most medical marijuana home growers have adhered to state laws, some have exploited the laws for profit
The West is in relative decline, especially compared to Asia, but no obvious alternative "system" has emerged.
Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to Moscow's demands for access to closely guarded product security secrets.
Terrorism will in time consume the world, unless numerous parties admit inconvenient truths.
Back in medical school, I helped to organize a leadership retreat for women physicians-in-training. I had spent a tremendous