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The posts attacked almost every ethnic group, including blacks, Muslims, Jews and Native Americans.
The male student was booked into jail on suspicion of felony malicious harassment.
"I need to be very clear here: we are not talking the merely insulting, rude, offensive commentary that trolls and various other lowlifes seem free to spew, willy nilly, although there has been plenty of that, too. No, this was hate speech."
We often talk about what colleges are doing wrong and where they're falling short. From sexual assault to mental health, the consequences can be tragic when student health isn't prioritized - high drop-out rates, life-long trauma, even death.
The two also suggested that students who participated in the rioting may face expulsion, warning "should any of our students
Police say the body found Wednesday in Bellingham Bay is Dwight Clark, the 18-year-old Western Washington University student
Despite the massive outpouring of volunteers who have helped search for Clark, this is all Bellingham officials know so far
Even a noncompetitive or "losing" team can help the university in multiple ways. The mere fact of having a football team
It's not the schools notorious for their high tuition rates -- George Washington University, New York University, Sarah Lawrence