western wildfires

This summer, throughout the West, higher temperatures and decreased precipitation brought on by climate change have ramped up the frequency of wildfires -- big, catastrophic fires -- while a century of fire suppression feeds the flames with a thick tangle of fuel in our overgrown forests.
Excessive heat advisories and "red flag warnings" for extreme fire conditions are in effect across California, Nevada and Arizona.
"No one is leaving this valley. The road is blocked at both ends by the fire, so stay put! It's gonna get really hot and windy. Do not shut your vehicle off!" said the fire chief.
Like any natural resource, usage and abuse affect more than just one party, and those most vulnerable are often the ones who bear the brunt of such abuse the most. Political, economic, social, and environmental effects of water scarcity are only now beginning to register among the public.
Kaiser said 2014 was likely to end up the most costly and destructive wildfire season on record. Washington has already spent
The insurance industry is backing efforts to place greater responsibility on property owners, along with stricter building
The U.S. West has had years of recurring drought with resultant mandatory water conservation measures, massive wildfires and above normal temperatures.
Will wildfires grow ever bigger, more frequent — and deadlier? Those who live in the rugged West are enduring another summer
The interactive map also includes a preliminary analysis of mountain snowpack data collected at hundreds of monitoring stations
This story was originally published by OnEarth. Dozens of questions surround the nightmare that wiped out the crew, but most
Nineteen firefighters died in Arizona on Sunday. It is a stark reminder that firefighters put their lives on the line to protect other people's property and lives. Why do they choose to take such dangerous work?
The region is likely to have many critical Fire Weather days, which are defined by the National Weather Service as days in
About 200 people went to stay at an evacuation center in a high school in nearby Estes Park after evacuations were ordered
Fueled by high levels of down and dead beetle kill trees, the Fern Lake Fire's cause is still under investigation. The Associated
Report Summary Our analysis of 42 years of U.S. Forest Service records for 11 Western states shows that: On average, wildfires
By Laura L. Myers The wildfires were sparked by thousands of weekend lightning strikes that ignited more than 150 fires on
The Waldo Canyon wildfire began burning on Saturday, June 23 and was declared officially contained about two and half weeks
A press conference has been scheduled in Colorado Springs to finally announce the findings of an investigation into the origin
"It is in jeopardy," Miller said. "There's fire surrounding it." Winds are pushing the fire east toward an area of mostly