George R.R. Martin admits to using real religions as the basis for these fictional ones, and to relating each faith to the temperament of its followers. The result is a diversity of faiths that compete for influence and play a big role in Westerosi identity and politics.
It's the star of the show at the Taste of London 2015 festival.
I can't in good conscience, feminist and otherwise, continue watching a show that is so blatant -- so over the top -- in its sexism and misogyny and makes no apologies for it. As a human being, I agree with Tyrion Lannister: "There's always been enough death in the world for my taste: I can do without it in my leisure time."
If "Game of Thrones" characters advertised modern-day brands, the results would be surprisingly... effective?
Created by an Etsy shop owner named Danny, the map includes such a detailed plot of Westeros that we just might print it
Littlefinger is evil. And yet -- you should root for him to win. Why, you ask? Well, because he's good for Westeros, that's why. Don't let your petty and personal animosity for this self-made man to stop the wheels of history.
Teams include the Dragonstone Dragons, the Winterfell Wolves and the Castle Black Crows.
Season 5 of "Game of Thrones" premiered for some lucky people in London on Wednesday, and suddenly the entire realm seemed