wet hair

After finally getting into a summer workout groove, the HuffPost Lifestyle editors have been discussing ways to wear our
Accentuate your natural texture by applying curl-enhancing creams to wet hair from root to tip. Beyoncé's stylist Kim Kimble
Alas, there is a solution for wet hair and the inability to dry it in times of travel and dream vacations; a hair dryer alternative, if you will. Be intentional this traveling season and transform your rush into style.
The more you know... We put our hair through a lot to get it to curl, straighten or change colors how we'd like it. The routines
Once you've got your locks all prepped, then you're ready to begin the styling process. Below are three wet hairstyle options
At least those wet strands weren't whipping Dakota in the face: Much as we'd like to deny it, we step out of the house with