Gov. Chris Christie took calls on a Monday radio show; they didn't go well.
“You’re telling me that is considered a slight if you call someone an Oriental American?”
A few weeks ago, I presented a question that I had never asked before. Quite simply, I wondered what the next generation of sports parents will be like. That is, when our current teenage athletes grow up and become parents themselves, will they be better sports parents than we are?
By Joe Lucia, Awful Announcing On Thursday during Mike Francesa's WFAN show, a fan named Moe called in to the show with the
"Alright we're talking with Sweeny, obviously, as we get ready for uh, a trip to Boston," Francesa said after appearing to
On July 1, 1987, WFAN, a 24-hour sports talk radio station, broadcasting out of a sub-basement in Queens, hit the air. It didn't come out of nowhere, exactly. The format had been evolving.
Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she's wearing a Red Sox Hat. Or is the ad hardly witty, barely provocative
Some consider George Steinbrenner a pioneer of modern sports ownership. But that's not true. He's a disgrace to baseball. And he doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame. He belongs in the Hall of Shame.
There will never be another George Steinbrenner. He was an original. And behind the gruff persona of 'The Boss' who ruled with an iron fist, Steinbrenner was a most charitable, kind-hearted guy when he wanted to be.
Radio host Sid Rosenberg may have left the building (and the area, for that matter) but he has been, and always will be, a New Yorker.
New Yorkers do not see as much of their governor as they used to these days, as he enters the twilight of his term. But they
Just hours ago, the account wrote, "We hacked Bob's acct, the assholes password was(12345q) not the brightest guy around
The account says it will post funeral arrangements tomorrow afternoon. The updates have apparently been posted by Incarcerated
Roger Federer is truly one of the nicest athletes on the planet and conducts himself with grace on and off the court. And he closed out the year ranked number one in the world -- again!
Three childhood friends continually digress, hitting topics relating to WFAN, the new Giants/Jets Stadium, the Tiger Woods Scandal and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
For the first time since she has been in the public spotlight, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was able to talk her way into an issue that really resonated with the masses.