"Current climate risks which are affecting countries are a big player in the low level of agro-productivity in sub-Saharan Africa."
The World Food Programme and writer Joshua Dysart have teamed up to create a graphic novel highlighting the work of the organization's
Read the third chapter of the novel below. We'll release another chapter in the story each day. The World Food Programme
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Also read our Q&A with graphic novelist Joshua Dysart and WFP's Jonathan Dumont about the project. I was awake in my Erbil
If the global community is to be successful in marshalling new resources for humanitarian aid, we must embrace technology as an ally, now more than ever before.
New funding sources could include the private sector, major aid groups and individuals.
GENEVA, July 21 (Reuters) - A ship carrying enough U.N. food aid to feed 180,000 people for a month docked at the Yemeni
WFP said Syrian refugees in Lebanon would now get $13.50 to spend on food in the month of July. The organization needs $139
Women have a crucial role to play in defeating hunger. As mothers, farmers, teachers and entrepreneurs, they hold the key
Just imagine if we, speaking from the western world, go to bed hungry only for one or two nights. Would we be able to be as effective and as productive at work as always?
he United Nations World Food Program (WFP) in Ecuador is using ancestral knowledge (conocimiento ancestral) to effectively reduce the impacts of climate change by helping Ecuadorian people to successfully adapt.
I got the chance to be in an inspiring place where you can actually breathe knowledge and engagement for social-economic and human causes, namely poverty eradication and food access ( or accessibility) to all.
Arbitrarily withholding humanitarian access is a violation of international humanitarian law and an act of non-compliance
The UN has the legal right to cross the border without consent from the regime. Now is not the time to wait for unanimous legal opinion, because unanimity will never come. Now is the time to start the trucks and drive that aid to the millions who need it. But instead, we wait.
The speed by which political shifts take place has grown exponentially. The Internet and television dominate the political and chattering classes and what we hear there immediately spills over into the realm of real people. If you need proof of that assertion, take a peek at what's happened to New York's formerly fearsome Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The World Economic Forum meeting in Davos was a step change with business and political leaders signing up to the UN Secretary General's "Zero Hunger" challenge to eliminate hunger in our lifetimes.