Your favorite shows won’t be going off the air because the Writers Guild isn’t going on strike, after all.
You’re favorite shows could go off the air because of a Writers Guild strike. But, President Trump might be happy about it.
Allison Schroeder: That's hard. I think the key is that there needs to be improvement in all areas, so that there's not just
We creatives don't like to think of ourselves in those terms. We have a love/hate relationship with personal branding and ourselves as product (if the audience doesn't want what I have, well screw 'em).
Particularly tricky is writing strong and memorable female characters when you are a dude. Sure, from Shakespeare on, its been done but the challenge remains.
Have you spent time with the types of characters you write, or is it truly from the imagination? I've rubbed elbows with
The 101 best-written TV shows have been selected by the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Topping that list? HBO's "The Sopranos."
The Writers Guild of America -- both the West and East chapters -- evaluated talk shows, daytime dramas, primetime fixtures
Television writer producer, Patric Verrone, former president of the WGAW, comes on to discuss his work on "Futurama." Take
Television writer producer, Patric Verrone, former president of the WGAW, comes on to discuss his work on the Futurama. Take a look at an exclusive clip from Futurama's new season.
This week, the Writers Guild of America West announced a report of the hiring practices of networks and studios in regard to women and minority categories. As always, the progress was akin to the proverbial drop in the bucket.
While much of the hoopla at the Writers Guild Awards was focused on the film nominees as a ramp up to Oscars, the category most associated with the fastest growing medium on earth went largely unnoticed. And Michael Cyril Creighton was crowned king of that world.
Award-Winning screenwriter and playwright Tom Stoppard, who received the Writers Guild of America, West's 2013 Laurel Award for Film, says he doubts that he would ever adapt any of his own theatrical works for the screen.
The win for Argo over Lincoln in the Adapted category further bolstered notions about what may happen next week at the Oscars for Best Picture.
Hollywood often ignores pleas for more diverse casting and continues to deny the negative impact it has on society as a whole. Seeing more diverse couples on screen makes the subject easier to discuss around the dinner table.
Unless a deal is met between The Onion and the WGA, which represents film, television and radio writers, ONN's writers may
The WGA deal reached last month is on its way to the membership for a ratification vote - ballots are in the mail. Details
The ratification vote will take place in April, before the existing contract's May 1 expiration. Details: The Hollywood Reporter