A federal agency is asking property owners to help volunteer their space so dead whales can decompose.
As many as 13 passengers were seriously injured and the stern was cracked.
After a long, intense 28-hour rescue mission, a stranded humpback whale has returned home.
The new report is ~ making waves ~ in marine biology circles.
The pod of orcas has killed four gray whale calves off California's coast in just seven days.
At one point, volunteers in New Zealand stood in a human chain to prevent the animals from becoming stranded.
Tilikum, the SeaWorld orca whale profiled in the film ‘Blackfish,’ has died.
What a strange and ironic juxtaposition of these two phrases.
For more info on whales. In the lagoons in Baja where gray whales go to mate and give birth, I've often had moms bring their
When a whale slumbers, half its brain stays awake.
Attempts to cut the rigging from the endangered whale have been unsuccessful.