whale hunting

Graffiti nearby urged Denmark to "defend the whales of the Faroe Islands."
The Cove Unedited OPS Footage - View 2 from Oceanic Preservation Society on Vimeo. The Cove Unedited OPS Footage - View 3
From Mother Nature Network's Bryan Nelson: It's a good time to be a beer drinker. A microbrew revolution is underway, and
Wild dolphins, like all other animals, including humans, are entitled to the right to life on our blue planet. There's a
Want to just solve the problem? They estimate that whaling makes about $31 million in profits. Anti-whaling spends $25 million. If the anti-whaling money directly paid whalers not to hunt -- problem solved.
The closing line of Martin Fackler's weekend article about fading passion for whaling in a Japanese whaling town is stark
next year the U.S. will be back, again claiming that allowing the resumption of commercial whaling is good for the whales while getting credit for protecting them.
WASHINGTON -- The United States is leading an effort by a handful of antiwhaling nations to broker an agreement that would
The U.S. still has time to decide to uphold the moratorium on whale hunting. Are we willing to stand up for a future ocean that is bountiful and healthy for future generations of humans and whales?
A quarter-century after the first anti-hunting regulations were approved, several whale populations have stabilized and a
At the annual International Whaling Commission meeting this week, Denmark has applied to include humpback whales in the hunting
Home foreclosures could affect voting rolls, Judge blocks coal plant due to global warming, Japan automakers control 34.7 percent of U.S. market, and U.S. exports to Iran grew tenfold under Bush.
Who has inherited the dream, asked Ebony magazine reporting on the battle between Martin Luther King's heirs for control of the organization that bears his name.
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