whale rescue

It took rescuers two days to free the struggling mammal.
As Australia's Yahoo 7 News notes, the rescue team had to "race against time" to rescue the stranded whale, employing "delicate
"[The whale] never fought us," Vonick later told the news station. "She just sat there docile and calm the whole time and
By any measurement, Keiko's release was a phenomenal success, and the process of giving him years of health and freedom is symbolic of what we cherish most in ourselves -- the ability to act with compassion and to right wrongs; when we know better, we do better.
Video captures dramatic whale rescue Then, they decided to film the entire rescue. The gear quickly fell away, and the whale
Last week, the Alaska Dispatch reported a baby beluga whale was rescued from Alaska's Bristol Bay region. Now marine mammal
The gray whale, dubbed "Bart," was spotted Friday off the coast of Dana Point Harbor, Calif., tangled in a huge fishing net
A Humpback whale faced the very serious threat of drowning after being caught in fishing nets in Mexico. Stuck there for
One morning in November 2000, a large humpback whale was found stranded on a beach near Ubatuba, Brazil, clinging to life
A pod of 101 pilot whales stranded on the same beach in 2007. Far North Whale Rescue, a team of trained volunteers, was working