However, that album did bring me two songs that are among my all-time favorites from any artist. "Waiting For That Day" and
Michael "left the best of himself for us," Andrew Ridgeley said.
Take a look back at the legendary singer's music career.
2016 claims yet another pop culture icon.
Leo Moracchioli puts the boom boom into our hearts.
Joe Kohlhofer played Wham hit on repeat to get listeners in the festive mood.
Why do some of the most annoying Xmas songs keep coming back year after year after year? To find answers to this question, one could do worse than study Wham!'s musical masterpiece "Last Christmas."
Imagine a time where you couldn't check Facebook every 19 seconds or Instagram your lobster mac and cheese before you even took a bite. Dark times.
When the first crappy music makes it into our house, I will sit my kids down, play the entire Pink Floyd discography, then The Beatles, then Simon & Garfunkel. And Bjork. And Death Cab for Cutie. And Arcade Fire. Then The Velvet Underground. Then Talking Heads.
This year, why not really celebrate what the holidays are about -- family and friends -- by throwing a party! Here are a few ideas to get the party started.
Why are teenagers listening to music that their parents were dancing to 25 years ago instead of rebelling against it? When I was 13, I may have had some knowledge of pop stars from a quarter century earlier, but I certainly didn't like any of their music.
Alt and her crew perfected all those awesome details from the original Wham! video: the cheesy dry ice, the T-shaped stage
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