“What Happened

Peacefully protesting does NOT "disrespect the military," but passing a tax bill that guts veteran aid DOES.
Americans are divided on where they turn for news, how closely they follow current events and whether they trust the media. It shows.
You may have noticed that I’ve written quite a few blog posts about the 2016 U.S. Election and the presidency of Donald Trump
Over 300,000 copies later, readers were apparently more than eager to listen to what the former presidential candidate had to say.
An artless and inauthentic memoir, written by the absence of Clinton.
The news is predictably grim today. 1. Trump used re-election campaign funds and RNC money to pay his legal fees for the
Sitting shiva with the former secretary of state as she begins her "What Happened" book tour.
We must keep examining the crucial question of why Trump ever even had a chance.
Clinton wrote about McKinnon's performance in her new election memoir.
HuffPost reporters dissect “What Happened," hitting all the ways sexism dragged Clinton, plus her food obsessions.
Those wishing she'd disappear post-election are ignoring her popularity.
September 12th is very special day. Every year, reliably, something big happens on that day. This year is no different. The
The "What Happened, Miss Simone?" producer says that's the "last thing" he's thinking about.
Dan Abrams highlights media foibles on a nightly basis in his segment "Beat the Press." The other night was a brilliant piece
No one woke up Sunday morning needing Tim Russert to prove that McClellan changed his tune since leaving the White House -- McClellan had written a whole gollydarned BOOK on that very topic.
Meet The Press provided a national platform for the Bush administration to push its war with minimal challenge from Tim Russert.
While many of the top-shelf cable news reporters are making excuses, the Bush administration and the McCain campaign are making plans for more wars. But they're also making ribs! So never mind all that. Pass the sauce.