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Recently nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, What Happened, Miss Simone? showcases the life of this brilliant, dynamic, passionate and deeply tormented music icon with rare footage and recordings that have never been seen or heard before.
Watching documentaries probably means you are very smart. Please binge-watch accordingly.
“It reboots everything to what it’s supposed to be in terms of mom’s journey and mom’s life the way she deserves and the
This is my second year at the Nantucket Film Festival, and this will probably be my one dispatch, mostly because I'm having too much fun to take time to write about it.
While watching "What Happened, Miss Simone?" -- a new documentary about the legendary singer-songwriter Nina Simone -- it's
The Academy Award-nominated documentarian has directed a new film that uses rare archival footage and never-before-heard recordings to paint a remarkable portrait of legendary singer Nina Simone.