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The Background Between sexting, hookup apps and dating sites for people seeking affairs (yes, really), it's easier to cheat
The website also quizzed the millennials on how they feel about breaking up via text. Seventy-nine percent said calling it
Flirty texts and emails may never become physical, but that doesn't mean you're not having an affair.
The surprising stat comes from the websites' second annual State of Dating in America report, a jointly commissioned survey
The traditional fairy tales women are raised with didn't conclude with a Prince declaring undying love for Snow White, then having the odd wank over Cinderella, the wicked stepmother, or if so inclined, the dwarf with the tightest trousers.
That's the question Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein mulled over Monday, after a reader wrote in asking if
A recent HuffPost/YouGov survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted prior to Weiner's latest admission found that a whopping 85
The majority of people consider emotional affairs to be cheating, according to a recent poll conducted by HuffPost and YouGov
Yvonne Chase joins Caitlyn to talk about her experiences with emotional cheating, and the advice she gave married man.
Sandy Weiner joins HuffPost Live to talk about how emotional cheating ended her marriage.
Chad Miller joins HuffPost Live to talk about the emotional affair he had with a co-worker.
But the answers differed when a separate group was asked the reverse: "Say that you were in a committed relationship and
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We're sure Kaling's being a bit tongue in cheek here, but we were still curious to know if others would be as cool with an
What constitutes cheating? Most people might agree that having sex with someone other than your partner is clear-cut infidelity, but what about sending the occasional flirty text message? Or reconnecting with an old flame on Facebook? It’s this gray area that often lands spouses in hot water.
As for reaching out to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook? Only 24 percent of people surveyed would consider it cheating
Up for discussion? Hugging someone of the opposite sex for more than 10 seconds, spending the night in the same bed, sending
Watch the video above for more of Kruger's commentary on the study. Then, click through the slides below to test your knowledge
Kissing on the lips: 88.7 E-mailing pictures of themselves naked: 88.2 Texting erotic messages: 82.6 Sleeping in the same