what not to say

For fear of offending or saying the "wrong" thing, we are creating a world where people are scared of reaching out, of trying to connect, of showing others that they do, in fact, truly care.
So, the next time you talk with someone and you think, I don't know how you do it, flip IDKHYDI on its head and make it a question: How do you do it? If they laugh nervously and say, "Me? Oh I'm fine..." wait for more. Let them know it's okay to talk about their fears, hopes, and dreams.
Because there's SO much more to Brazil than soccer and Carnival.
The most important thing to remember when interacting with wheelchair users is that we want to be treated like anybody else.
There are certain things all bosses dread to hear. "I lost the account," "There's a big mistake," and "I think the building is on fire," would all qualify, but I'm talking about sentences that may seem innocuous to you, but can be a big deal to your boss.
To all the strangers out there who truly mean well when they tell me they're sorry I'm divorced, here's a news flash: Don't be. I'm healthy, employed and doing my best to co-parent a lovely child who is also healthy. Don't be sorry for me.
Both times that I've been pregnant, I had to deal with ignorant comments about my growing belly. During my first pregnancy, absolute strangers who wanted to know all the details about my blossoming baby bump fascinated me.
Maybe it's too much to expect emotional validation from a stranger in a grocery store, but Cochran says that many of her patients have been told to just relax when they open up to their closest girlfriends, or even their mothers about their fertility struggles. "It's heartbreaking."