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When did you start Daily Dress Me? How has Daily Dress Me grown so far? I'm really into wearing monochrome outfits, which
What is your fashion story? How did it start? I recently saw a pair of patchwork jeans by Victoria Beckham that put my senses
It is certainly every woman’s right to wear what she wants.
The planning of these outfits was critical in this young girl’s life.
Check out these sophisticated ways to work your weekend faves at the office.
Yet what you wear to your divorce has a weight and an importance way beyond the simply practical. On the Maslow pyramid of needs, it's well above keeping you warm and dry. What you wear, and how you look and feel in what you wear, is much closer to the top of that scale, nearer to an aspect of self-realisation and fulfilment, than making sure you remembered your cardie.
One of my favorite closet staples is a plaid shirt. I style it with skirts and denim and sweaters and heels. I wear plaid to work, to church and even on date nights. So I thought I'd share some ideas on how to wear plaid in case you need some inspiration for your wardrobe.
The last look attracted the most attention from tourists and building workers positioned outside our offices. Therein lies
Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, of relationships, and -- sometimes -- just a night to kick back and party with your closest girlfriends.
Tomas Maier styles a jewel-toned satin bomber with a matching A-line skirt for a more dressed-up take on the trend. Swap out your sneakers for heels and this look may even work for a more low-key office.
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Holiday season is officially here! Tomorrow is all about spending time with the ones you love and of course, eating delicious
It's here! The season for party dresses and festive heels has begun. As you dance your way from one holiday party to another
With the right shoes, necklace or even a great chronograph watch, your look will go from basic to so of-the-moment. Here are 11 Glamour editor-selected fall shopping picks that will inject newness into your existing wardrobe with the greatest of ease.
By Tiffany Reid, Allure As Allure's market editor, I'm always on the lookout for innovative new styling tricks, especially
Your feet can thank us later. By Adam Glassman Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter
A man feels free to say, "Why the long face?" to a woman he has never met, but would never say that to another man -- not just because he isn't interested in the answer, but because he knows the inner climate of the person passing him is none of his business.
Get your classic look with a pair of Aviators or Clubmasters from Rayban. If Ray-Ban-Clubmaster-06you've had a long night of study or a late GNO and you want to cover those late night eyes, sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.