What would Jesus do?

Did you ever have one of those bracelets that said “What Would Jesus Do?” Maybe a bumper sticker? Did you get the T-shirt
Erick Erickson's comments drew a sharp reaction on Twitter.
I wish there were more evangelicals who were preoccupied with figuring out how Jesus might respond to the world we live in.
Jesus would have some pretty strong opinions about the biggest political issues being discussed in America today, according
Great strides were made in LGBT rights this year and millions whooped it up at gay pride parades all around the country in celebration. But amid the usual rainbow flags, there was an interesting new wrinkle this year: the emergence of a new Jesus.
I was a troublemaker in Sunday school. No, not because I was passing notes (though they were passed, discreetly). I was a troublemaker because I did the worst thing a young Southern Baptist born and raised girl can do: I asked questions. The big questions.
Please note that the views in this post are all mine and are not the views of anyone I am connected to professionally. If
The answer is not as simple as supporting small businesses over Walmart. Instead, it is a call for all people of faith to live-out our long tradition of speaking up for people who are working harder and harder for less and less need a community on their side.
What was Jesus doing here on Earth? Well, my guess is He was trying to show us how to live. The whole "free will" part means it's up to us whether or not we choose to listen.
Rush Limbaugh's personal name-calling of Sandra Fluke has ignited a firestorm of debate about the role of words in politics and in society. We all understand the power of his words.