The innovation that Fishackathon spurred is just the beginning.
What is the future for billions of people around the world who depend on seafood for nutrition?
Take 3 is an Australian not-for-profit organisation with a simple message: Take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or...anywhere, and you have made a difference.
The world's fisheries face real threats. But experience and science show that we can have a dramatically better future. Done right, fishing can be a positive force in a world that needs it, generating more prosperity, more food, and more abundance for all.
A zero-input food like kelp has great potential to remain cost-competitive in any market, especially as growing scarcity of cropland and fresh water drive up the prices of conventional crops and feedstocks. As the price of freshwater rises, sea vegetables will become the most affordable food on the planet.