Michelle Wolf pulled no punches with her blistering assault on the Trump presidency at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Did she go to far - or are her detractors just being snowflakes?
But the media's attention seemed to be focused more on the glamorous press dinner, Scarborough said, despite these riots
Parsons and the board wrote in the email that "it’s time for us to band together” on core practices the group hopes will
But, she said, "I can tell you it really galls a lot of us that people we work side-by-side with every day don’t get to come
The White House Correspondents' Association said on Tuesday that it was standing "in strong solidarity" with the journalists who have been targeted by the Obama administration.
White House reporters had questioned spokesman Jay Carney aggressively about the secret investigations of the Associated
In 2003, Jimmy Kimmel left “The Man Show,” a high-testosterone homage to the male id, to host his own late-night talk show
CLARIFICATION: A line was added in the text to make clear that Thomas is still entitled to two tickets for the dinner. As
_Suzanne Bohan and Sandy Kleffman, of the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times, for winning the Edgar A. Poe Award for excellence