Wheaton College

Feel the Bern, budget office nominee Russell Vought!
The very public drama that unfolded at Wheaton College over the past few months revealed stark divisions within the evangelical community, and how they view the responsibility for living in Christ's footsteps.
Gone from Wheaton College is Larycia Hawkins. This is a controversial decision. A sad one, too. And the decision has stirred up a wasp's nest of blogoversy. I just read J. R. Daniel Kirk's angry post. I am appalled -- but not for the reasons you may think.
Professor Hawkins said Christians and Muslims "worship the same God."
The word "God" in the English version of the Christian Bible is rendered in the Arabic version as "Allah." But Allah and Allah are two different entities, according to evangelical Wheaton College.
This claim has been commonplace since the Middle Ages. The Catholic church has explicitly affirmed it. It is an absolutely
What I find most distressing about Wheaton is not its generally obnoxious vapidity. What I find so distressing about Wheaton is its hubris. What sheer and utter arrogance it is to fire a professor for giving an opinion that has been echoed by numerous theologians, including its most famous alumnus, Billy Graham.
Wheaton College is a private institution and appears to have the right to admit and remove students, faculty, and administrators based on disagreements over ideas. The real question for a place like Wheaton that attempts to hold itself to the highest moral standard is, "Should it behave this way?"