In 2022, U.S. airlines damaged or destroyed more than 11,000 wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aids. In January alone this year, 871 were battered.
"I pushed the button on the battery-powered component of my wheelchair. It didn’t work. Before starting to panic, I pressed it again. Nothing."
Here, accessibility and mobility aids aren't forgotten, or used as scare tactics. They're allowed to simply “be.”
Tucson police said Ryan Remington was let go after he shot 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards nine times in the back while he was in a motorized wheelchair.
A law firm warned the Canadian drama series that the future rap star would leave the show unless his character Jimmy Brooks walked again.
A viral video showed Gabrielle deFiebre in tears over her damaged wheelchair — but the problem goes much deeper.
Wilmington police officers fatally shot Jeremy McDole, a Black man, while he was sitting in his wheelchair.
The line includes adaptive and sensory-friendly outfits and coordinating wheelchair covers.
"Excuse me while I cry for 300 years because this was the toy I needed as a little girl."
"It's little comments like that where you realize you're being looked at as a fetish and not as a woman."