Men often don't have a network of "besties" to help them through a divorce. Our guy friends are busy with work and their kids' sports schedules, often helping out with coaching duties or whatnot. You'll get a few offers to "grab a beer" and catch up, but those offers will go away. Divorce for men can be very isolating.
Looking at myself in the mirror, something clicked in me. I no longer wanted to be beat down and depressed.
Things change with divorce, but not always for the worse.
There is something about single parenting that is, or at least can be, satisfying beyond what I ever expected.
We separate. We come together and we separate, wholly and completely, all the time now.
It wasn't my choice to get divorced, and for a while I held extreme bitterness at my ex for having destroyed what was, at least on paper, a "perfect" life.