when to retire

People 65+ are hanging on to their jobs in record numbers.
Confused about retiring? Don't panic. We asked 15 Certified Financial Planners about what to do before anything else.
Your golden years might be better than you thought.
Retirement has gotten more complicated than just picking up your golf clubs or fishing rod.
Lately, I view everything through the prism of retirement. If we vacation in a new place, I envision what it would be like to live there after I retire. When I contemplate buying new clothes for work, I immediately amortize their value against the knowledge that I'll never wear them once there is no office to go to every day.
And, Mintzer adds, the more that couples air their differences, the greater likelihood they’ll be able to accommodate their
Figuring out if you can afford to retire can be as tricky as the game of golf. Huff/Post50's Laura Rowley has a few tips