Where I Like To Read

This is a picture of train. An ugly train. It can't help being ugly and I forgive it.
I am an obsessive reader and am rarely without a book which I read whenever I have the opportunity.
My absolute ideal place to read is...
I like to read at Yaddo, the artists colony in upstate New York.
Anyway, that’s what I was reading up there in the lap of nature in a place bustling with creatures, from the mountain lion
HP: That sounds a lot like this new psychological practice called bibliotherapy. SC: That's actually a very old concept from
I like to read in motion. Not just the kind of journey you might expect - a long train ride, through green and yellow fields, with a grande latte and a table to lean on - but also the shabbier, jerkier kind, such as going three stops on the London Tube.
What is the last great book that you read? I'll give you two. The first is by Adam Hochschild [To End All Wars: A Story of
What is the last book that you read? A biography of Langston Hughes. It was done about 10 or 15 years ago - I loved it. "Where
Most of the time on my bed. California king. Long and wide. Plenty of pillows.