where the wild things are

Author and illustrator Maurice Sendak originally had a different creature in mind.
"I think most new moms need a night off to let their hair down."
"At the heart of all banning, I would argue, is fear," Decker said. In her class, she emphasizes understanding the perspectives
I'm all for helping kids find their passions in books. It's about what gets your child to not hear you when you announce that dinner is ready. It's not about title dropping.
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Let the power of this book continue to resonate, even as we face all sorts of new wild things in our own lives, in the American landscape, and around the world. Let us make the hot suppers for each other.
I'd give this year's festival a passing grade, just in terms of featuring movies that neither challenge you to make sense of them nor to stay awake.
The animated drawing is an adorable, detailed rotating animation of scenes from Sendak's books, starting with his most famous
Later, as we select books to read before bedtime, he requests Where The Wild Things Are -- a book about a boy so untamed, he scares even the most ferocious of creatures. There's a metaphor here, I know it. Is he one of the wild things? Am I? Are we both the boy?
The Sendak mementos came from the library of book collector Reed Orenstein, who once owned an early edition so rare that