whirling dervish

A horrific surfing accident compelled Karen Cavanaugh to become a Whirling Dervish.
While today we're all thinking about chemical weapons in Syria, I can't stop thinking about the Sufis there--the living and dead mystic masters and dervishes whom I encountered in Damascus just two months before the civil war began.
The tenor of towns in Turkey changes depending upon how religious and conservative they are. Among western-oriented, secular
Most mystics believe that the supreme being or the Divine, however defined, must not only be thought about, but directly and personally experienced.
Rumi died in 1273. To this day, his devotees celebrate his departure from the world as one would in a marriage, apt for a man who sought the highest love in life, and found it most completely in death.
This year marked the 737th anniversary of Rumi's passing, which is known as Seb-i Arus, or Wedding Night, in Turkey. Whirling