The freshman New York lawmaker wore suffragist white alongside fellow House members for an important reason.
Donald Trump's daughter wore white, the same color that many female Democratic lawmakers donned to send a political message.
A group of House Democratic lawmakers is urging women from both parties to declare "we will not go back on our hard-earned rights."
Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is under fire for controversial details from her past.
Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith beat Democrat Mike Espy to become the next Mississippi senator.
New York Senator Jesse Hamilton wants to make it a hate crime to call the cops on someone just because they’re black.
Shayne Holland was just hanging out in the pool of his apartment complex when an off-duty cop tried to force him out.
Viral cell phone videos reveal a sobering reality: white people often call the cops on black people for no reason.
Some headlines seem more sympathetic to white perpetrators of mass violence than black victims of police shootings.
A new study shows people perceive heavier Asian-Americans as more “American” than their thinner counterparts.
People of color get a few tries and if they fail, whether the reasons are inside or out of their control, they and EVERY person of color must suffer. Every person of color is shut out of an opportunity because a few pioneers couldn't wade in a white industry designed for the success of white applicants.
We like to deny there's an issue with profiling or racism or discrimination or whatever you want to call it in this country. That's the equivalent of There, there, it's all in your head, dear.
Any assumption that the now dominant Euro-Christian civilization has exclusive roots is highly debatable. Roots of all civilizations lie in exchange and migration.
"Yeah but you, you are not black," my classmate said. I stopped. Took a deep breath. Calmed down. And refrained myself from arguing.
'Little Boxes' explores the culture clashes of a fictional mixed-race family as they move to a predominantly white suburb.
Briana Garcia and Adam Hammons work through their relatives' racial issues on "Bride & Prejudice."