white americans

Today’s battles in the race war are waged by legions of white people in the thrall of stereotypes, lies and conspiracy theories.
The Capitol riot has ended the notion that the president's hardcore base was motivated by economic anxiety. It has always been about race.
Of 121 COVID-19 deaths among young people, the CDC found 54 were Hispanic, 35 were Black and 17 were white.
In desperate pursuit of reelection, the president is pitting America against itself.
“He’s just shown blatantly over and over again that he’s a racist,” said one Black Lives Matter protester.
It was previously known Black and Hispanic Americans are being hit hardest in terms of health, but a new poll indicates they are suffering the most financial pain as well.
In a new poll, only about a quarter of Americans say they believe President Trump personally opposes white nationalism.
Elizabeth Warren isn't the only one leaning on racist ideas about DNA.
More than one-quarter of white Americans say they've personally used the word in the past five years.
That's why Trump keeps talking about football and why he just pardoned a black boxer.