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The USA crime caper series starring Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay should have already started pre-production on Season 6, but
Well, that came out of nowhere! "White Collar" is no stranger to a kidnapping story here and there, but never has Neal been
The AV Club's Kenny Herzog called it "fairly mischevious territory" for the show. Over at TV Equals, Michelle Carlbert said
"I’m hoping I fooled him, too," David said slyly. TV Fanatic's Chandel Charles said that she's "really liking the dynamic
When "White Collar" returns for its Season 5 premiere (Thurs., Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on USA), things will look very different
In the Season 5 premiere of USA's "White Collar," Neal and Mozzie are hatching another cunning plan to free Peter and clear his name.
"White Collar" Season 5 is adding a new friendly face. HuffPost TV has learned exclusively that "Supernatural" actor Mark
Fans will have to wait until the Season 5 premiere to find out how Peter can possibly get out of this one. All kinds of craziness
When Peter suggested he didn't know they were off track, she said bluntly, "Well, somebody did. Or else I wouldn’t be here
"It covers everything, except one building," he said. That building was the Empire State Building. TV Replay scours the vast
You ended with an amazing midseason cliffhanger, which revealed that Treat Williams truly is Neal's father, James. How does
When the USA series returns with its midseason premiere (Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 10 p.m. EST), Neal and the audience will finally
Take a look to see what they're up to, above, then tell us: Are you watching "White Collar" this season? "White Collar" is
"She seems to crop up at really interesting times in Neal's life," Bomer told HuffPost TV on the set of "White Collar" in
Check out the sneak peek below of the Season 4 premiere above and tune into "White Collar" on Tuesday, July 10 at 9 p.m. ET
Watch our exclusive clip from Tuesday night's all-new episode, directed by DeKay. Neal is getting close to finally getting
Season three of White Collar recently debuted on the USA network, and once again I have been sucked in to the tales and tribulations of one former white collar crook and his unlikely partnership with an FBI agent.
White Collar is one of USA's best outings, marrying its signature brand of over-the-top characters with charismatic actors.