white fragility

The deplorables might be more visible, but the majority of white voters don’t think they have a problem with race.
Racism exists because me and every other white person allows it to.
You've gone on and on for hours to tell me that I've hurt your feelings. Well, you know what? It's a privilege to only get your feelings hurt after being called a racist, rather than experiencing racism itself.
This reasoning is really part of a racist canard, because white society has rarely, if ever, given credence to black opinions
RDA: Our lack of seeing is not benign. I try to avoid positioning us as oblivious, which reinforces the narrative of white
For a while now, I've been thinking about how terms like "white privilege," "inclusion" and "unconscious bias" all sound just... too nice. Don't they seem a little on the pleasant side for words used to address a system of racist oppression?
The Black Lives Matter Movement started after the acquittal of George Zimmerman who murdered Trayvon Martin. The Civil Rights
Black and brown lives matter more than white feelings.
Despite arguments that somehow Christians in the United States are facing persecution, Christians actually hold incredible
I argue that Akwamu is right. It is inappropriate to refer to black people in the U.S. as African-American. Now, let's discuss
White people, we can do better. We can sit with our friends of color and feel our emotions without coopting their grief. We can do our own labor to educate ourselves, and find new sources of information to take the burden of our own ignorance off the people we have oppressed for centuries.
By positioning conservative Christians as victims of religious oppression, many conservative Christians can then also ignore the privileges that come with the intersections of their Christian faith with heterosexuality and the very real consequences of heterosexism on the lives of LGBQ people.