white guilt

Acknowledging white privilege must lead to action, not just deeper reflection and despair. Otherwise, it becomes part of the problem.
I'm a straight middle class white male in America, and I'm really uncomfortable. Right now, that's how it should be.
Yet if I am willing to accept my inheritance of all the good they did, all the success they had, then I need to recognize the flip-side of that coin. No one succeeds on his own. No one gains privilege without it costing someone else.
Tara Conley, James H. Burnett III, and Amanda Seales join Marc Lamont Hill to discuss SNL's "28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy" skit.
James H. Burnett III joins HuffPost Live to discuss Saturday Night Live's controversial Black History Month skit.
Somewhere along the line I've lost my own defensiveness about looking at or admitting where our culturally-conditioned racial stereotypes are still affecting me, and I can call it racism.
As a white activist, I get this a lot. What does a white liberal weekend revolutionary know about police brutality? What gives me the cultural authority to quote the poetry of Gil Scott-Heron? And who the hell do I think I am?
As a first-generation Latino, I feel an irrational need to get back on the payroll quickly so I can resume being a role model
As the Darfur genocide enters its fifth year, the British are like an amnesiac; they have forgotten the role they played in creating the Arab killing machine.
Race is still such a taboo subject that pricks so many fears and sensibilities, that the media and much of the public has given Obama a feather touch when it comes to a laser scrutiny of his past.