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The President's final budget proposal is his biggest and boldest -- but Republicans are likely to reject it.
WASHINGTON -- House Republicans will consider a revised budget resolution this year by Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R
It's no secret that budgets are tight in Congress, and NASA is no exception. While NASA wants $2-4 billion to explore the
"All relevant information for the Congress and the public to understand and evaluate the President's Budget will be released
"It’s never a good idea when the White House and Congress decide to pick classroom favorites among budget priorities -- who
The president noted in his budget proposal that the fund honors the "legacy of service of the 41st President of the United
"The administration deserves some credit for moving this ratio slightly in the right direction over the years, but a drug
The Federal Open Market Committee joins the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Financial Stability Oversight Council, Office
WASHINGTON -- The White House budget released Wednesday highlighted President Barack Obama's all-of-the-above energy strategy
The specifics are as follows: While this is not the president’s ideal deficit-reduction plan, and there are particular proposals