White House Coronavirus Task Force

“I mean, why would you want to put yourself through that every day?” she asked herself.
President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force lost its most controversial member this week, and many medical experts were relieved.
The doctor supported the idea of herd immunity to tackle the virus and cast doubt on the effectiveness of face masks.
"We don’t want to frighten people, but that’s just the reality," the infectious disease expert said.
The new wave of cases looks bigger and is more widespread than the surges that happened in the spring.
The president-elect immediately signaled the importance of the COVID-19 fight to his administration.
If a passenger refuses, the agency asks that they are refused service and/or removed from mass transit.
The president is demonstrating new determination to minimize the threat of the virus that has killed more than 218,000 Americans.
ABC News' Jon Karl said Fauci was "more than willing to join" the program, but White House officials wouldn't allow it.
The infectious disease expert also called Trump's new coronavirus adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, an "outlier."