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The president has frequently vilified and badgered members of the press, often women of color, in his daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.
CNN’s chief white house correspondent Jim Acosta was yelled at by Trump supporters at a rally in Florida.
While some might say that covering the White House can be a boring beat, the guests on the latest “Drinking & Talking” podcast
Congratulations, you’re a White House correspondent. You’ve reached the top of your professional pyramid, the most glorified
Former ABC News reporter Ann Compton said Monday that she's seen President Barack Obama lose his cool with reporters on more
"The people who have been chief White House correspondents are legendary and the very best journalists in American history
And there's yet another change coming to the seven-seat front row. A CNN spokesperson tells The Huffington Post that the
After witnessing atrocities taking place in the Middle East, some of our soldiers are coming home with PTSD. Many of these men are finding that Dave Sharpe's P2V program is just what the doctor ordered.
If you are facing losing your home, unemployment, divorce, kids going away, people dying, illness or any of the many ebbs and flows that life brings, do not let these events define you.
You might think that a woman feared by Castro would be intimidating, but as long as you're not a president, Helen Thomas is quite the opposite.