white house fence jumper

He had a criminal record that included arrests for assault and burglary.
The incident came about one month after U.S. Army veteran Omar Gonzalez climbed over the White House fence and entered the
Gonzalez pleaded guilty in March to entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly weapon and assaulting a Secret
After breaches and security gaffes, the White House is amping up its security.
The incident was one of several embarrassing breaches for the agency, which is responsible for the security of President
An intruder carrying a “suspicious package” climbed the White House fence on Sunday night, but was quickly arrested, the
Video showed Secret Service agents surrounding the suspected intruder on the north lawn of the White House, which was put
The Associated Press offered further details: The Secret Service told NBC news that the suspect in the incident was 23-year
Another Man Jumps Over White House Fence
Gonzalez cannot be arraigned on charges returned last week by a federal grand jury unless he is found competent to stand
A majority of Americans -- 64 percent -- also said they trust the Secret Service "a great deal" or "a fair amount" to protect
Lawmakers from both parties seized on Leonnig's reports while grilling Pierson during a congressional hearing on Tuesday
"We could put some vegetation barriers, simple things like, how about Spanish bayonet?" Mica said, referring to a prickly
Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.) suggested to the Secret Service that they might want to consider home security systems like ADT to detect broken windows from bullets and other intrusions.
Americans are divided over one proposal that the Secret Service is reportedly considering. Forty-one percent said they would
Once again there has been a breach of security at the White House, and this one could have been serious.
Officers have said they initially thought the man was unarmed, but later determined he was carrying a knife. He has been
Reporters still at work in the press room saw agents who are stationed closer to the White House with their weapons drawn