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The president wanted to stop leaks pouring from the White House.
Are instant leaks, using encrypted messaging apps, expanding the deep state beyond shadowy CIA operatives?
Risen was responding to a speech Attorney General Eric Holder gave on Tuesday. Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington
“The President agrees with the Justice Department’s recommendation and has directed his team to explore how the Administration
This week delivered more attempts by the White House and Eric Holder at damage control over revelations of search warrants involving the AP and a Fox News reporter. Though outrage over the administration's overly aggressive approach to leaks is certainly justified (indeed, HuffPost has called for Holder to step down), the indignation coming from Republicans is DC hypocrisy at its worst. If they're truly disturbed by eavesdropping on the press, where was their outrage when George Bush wanted the power to eavesdrop on everybody using the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program? If they're so outraged about the politicization of the Justice Department, where were they when the Bush White House was involved in the firing of nine U.S. attorneys? Or when Karl Rove's deputy was giving a PowerPoint presentation to Government Services Administration employees on ways to help GOP candidates? As Milan Kundera wrote, "The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."
Far from reversing the Bush-Cheney executive power grab, President Obama is taking it to new extremes. More than a decade after it started, we still have no clue how much the government is listening in on us or reading our email. And the government's response to this unprecedented secrecy is a war on leaks.
"First of all, I'm tired of these critics, the civil liberties types, the New York Times," he said, calling the bill "perfect
The proposals for tighter control over classified information come at a time when members of Congress have complained about
The White House has vehemently denied any role in the leaks, and Obama condemned the allegations in June. Meanwhile, attorney