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Acosta told Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale that canceling press credentials is the work of "dictatorships."
While some might say that covering the White House can be a boring beat, the guests on the latest “Drinking & Talking” podcast
"Drinking & Talking" is produced and edited by Adriana Usero, Christine Conetta and Ibrahim Balkhy. Technical direction is
"Almost every reporter on the beat can recall a story that drew an angry response from the White House’s press aides," Farhi
Yet another journalist has come out against the seemingly unprecedented secrecy of the Obama administration. USA Today Washington
Limited press access to the president and White House events is an important issue that goes right to the heart of America's democratic principles.
The White House press briefing room will look a tad different now that some additional news organizations were granted seats
All of a sudden, the press briefing was pushed back to 1:45 PM. Then, Politico reported that the White House had held a secret
Is there a direct, causal relationship between the White House's press strategy and the tenor of the press? If there is, that's our fault, not Obama's.
WASHINGTON -- The White House Correspondents Association, of which The Huffington Post is a member, sent a sharply worded
By choosing Jay Carney as his new press secretary, Obama has completed his thorough transition from crusading outsider to shrewd insider as he prepares to deal with the wild folk of the Tea Party and an electorate still fearful that the world is spinning out of control. Carney knows all about the craft and power of narratives -- and, presumably, will be more willing to spin them out in public than the cautious Gibbs seemed to be. With stunning swiftness, Obama has retooled his administration to play hardball in the D.C. League.
That he was doing what his boss wanted became abundantly clear the very next day, when Obama himself visited the White House
There was never a single moment when White House staff decided the major media outlets were falling down on the job. There
Katie Couric decided to get behind the lens during a recent White House visit. The anchor gave a quick tour on her Flip camera
"Unfortunately," Perino chimed in, disabusing the notion that somehow TV could be restricted at the briefings, "I think the
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino went on CNN Sunday to dispute recent reports that the White House has snubbed the