white house press briefing

The president took no questions from the press a day after he suggested injecting people with disinfectant to fight off the coronavirus.
The president had a meltdown attempting to rewrite history after accurate reports that he was slow to respond to the pandemic despite early warnings.
While the president holds forth at his coronavirus press conference, the banner on the screen drills down into the "propaganda."
The president has frequently vilified and badgered members of the press, often women of color, in his daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doubled down in defense of President Trump after he mocked Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony of her alleged sexual assault.
"See, for a minute there, it sounded like Sarah Sanders was actually promising to provide regular and constant information to the American people."
Sarah Huckabee Sanders addresses reports of rumors that First Lady Melania Trump lives in the suburbs of Washington with her parents instead of at the White House.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer fielded questions about the President's threat on Twitter to cancel press briefings.
The Secret Service interrupted the daily White House press briefing on Tuesday to evacuate the White House. The White House
Henry didn't hesitate to ask about the reports during a White House press briefing Monday, but Earnest had little to say