White House press office

How Obama reacts to both the "outing" of the C.I.A. station chief in Afghanistan and the ongoing problems at the Veterans Administration will wind up reflecting on his presidential legacy, for better or worse.
Fox News' Ed Henry jumped in and further pressed Carney on the topic. "To be clear, [the President] didn't specify what you
In Farhi's piece, Cannon said he was on the receiving end of “a screaming, profane diatribe that lasted two or three phone
This morning WhiteHouseDossier.com's Keith Koffler casts the White House press office in a dark light as he writes about
However, the president spoke Tuesday in the other rectangular-shaped state: Colorado. Wyoming was not on the itinerary. The
I'm guessing that Granholm submitted her endorsement of the tax cut plan as an email attachment to her cover letter/resume