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"Almost every reporter on the beat can recall a story that drew an angry response from the White House’s press aides," Farhi
This is not your Father's White House Correspondents' Association. This one has teeth! Under the leadership of President Christi Parsons and her Board, there is no hesitation about taking on the President and his staff.
White House journalists are creating an alternative system for distributing their media “pool” reports in response to the
From the Washington Post: The solution? Cut the White House out of the process and have the WHCA distribute the report itself
“We think these fundraisers ought to be open to at least some scrutiny, because the president’s participation in them is
Journalists have long been frustrated with press access to President Obama. In October, for example, White House reporters
Read the full survey here. Want to sink deeper and deeper into a morass of gloom and despair? Just check out Politico's exhaustive
White House reporters are riled up about restrictions placed on photos of President Obama, and they made no effort to hide it at Thursday's press briefing.
White House reporters are riled up about restrictions placed on photos of President Obama, and they made no effort to hide
Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest made some news when he revealed that the United States had been given a "heads up" by
“It would be unprofessional,” Knoller said. “We’re there to cover the president, his policies and statements, not stage a
The Obama White House, like its predecessors, tries going around the press corps whenever possible to control the message.
President Obama speaks to reporters off the record, a day after White House press corps expressed "frustration" with their lack of access.
"Why does the government believe it's legal to kill Americans abroad, but not inside the US?" NPR's Ari Shapiro wondered
"We expected to get a range of questions on Newtown, the fiscal cliff and Benghazi," he said. (A new report on the Benghazi
Obama appeared before the White House press corps on Wednesday to discuss new initiatives in the wake of Friday's tragedy
There are a dwindling number of veteran reporters left in the White House. We all have our experiences and advice to share!
For the past 14 years, Greg Clugston has written and performed a Christmas poem for the White House Press Corps based on the classic, "A Visit from St. Nicholas."
The nation's Twitter-length attention span is driving the mainstream media into a wild tailspin, rushing to recreate itself based on the latest search engine feedback.
But, everyone apparently really wanted to ask about Arlen Specter and what it meant for Obama's political operation. The