white house science fair

Those stories first took her to last year's National STEM Video Game Challenge, an annual competition to promote interest
Dan Crow's humor is infectious. Kids gravitate to him and it's clear he gives everything of himself.
There's WAY more than a paper mache volcano.
For a country famously lagging in math and science, how did we produce students like these -- and how can we produce more of them?
After walking him through their invention, the girls explain to the president that they came up with their idea through a
We don't give our kids enough experience in how to ask questions, develop a hypothesis, try things, gather data, and sometimes fail -- and to do so effectively. And we need to teach them it's OK for things to go wrong in the short term if they are working hard toward a longer goal and using the evidence-based process of science.
A new spinal implant, an automated page turner and a more efficient way to make energy from algae. Those are among the projects
He donned a pretty pink tiara while posing for a photo with a Girl Scout troop from Oklahoma.
Ignoring his own stern warning to not "put stuff on your head if you’re president," Obama donned a tiara while posing for
Young math and science whizzes from around the country will convene in the nation's capital next week for the annual White