white house security breach

"A series of whimsical traps," Stewart said. As Jon Stewart pointed out on "The Daily Show" on Wednesday night, "it did not
Relatives of the man accused of breaking into the White House Friday say he’s no criminal, but he needs help.
WASHINGTON, May 6 (Reuters) - A car that trailed an official motorcade on to Pennsylvania Avenue prompted a security lockdown
Despite that, the Secret Service has not ruled out bringing charges against Tareq and Michaele Salahi. The agency maintains
it is one thing to forgive human errors by the honorable Secret Service officers and an overwhelmed social secretary. It is another when it comes to forgiving what the Salahis did.
The President should get out in front of the State Dinner security breach instantly and announce a top-to-bottom White House security review, concentrating specifically on Secret Service procedures.
Donovan confirmed the identities of the couple. The Washington Post, which first reported on their evening out, said the
The key to social transcendence in America is the appearance of effortlessness, and therein lies the Salahis' unpardonable sin: They left a forensic paper trail of ham-handed premeditation.
You don't "breeze on past" White House security by simply "walking in with confidence." It's not a hotspot in the Meatpacking District.