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“Proud to marry Brian and Joe," the vice president tweeted.
Kate Andersen Brower, author of The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, compiled first-person accounts
"That was very hard for the president. It fell to the president's son, George W., to help make that decision, help move that
WASHINGTON — Pete Rouse, President Obama’s “indispensable man” with a low profile and big footprint, is the quirky insider
Seated around the table were some of Washington's most desirable dinner guests, starting with the Obama administration's
There’s a new person in charge at the president’s pad — Angella Reid, just named the next chief usher of the White House
The White House will pay more than $37 million in salaries for 454 employees in 2011, according to an annual report issued
President Obama takes home $400,000 per year. Powered by Socrata The lowest salary is $41,000, and three White House advisers
An equally telling requirement of Lee's new job, however, is that of crafting strategy for outreach to the progressive community
While it's not clear that Barack Obama is doomed to be a one-term President, he does not have the Bill Clinton gift for translating big national problems into words the average voter can understand.