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First lady Michelle Obama announced Thursday the White House was ending its ban on photos during tours. Starting July 1, White
Cameras are no longer banned on White House tours. First lady Michelle Obama announced an end to the ban on Instagram Wednesday
WASHINGTON – White House tours will resume in early November, a White House official confirmed Friday to The Huffington Post.
"Sequestration came midway through the fiscal year and we were unable to reallocate remaining funds while ensuring funds
Look, you'll get no argument from me that this trip to Africa is fairly expensive. And I think "ix-nay on the afari-say" is
WASHINGTON -- The White House has removed the caution tape that prevented pedestrians from accessing Pennsylvania Ave from
Who needs sex education classes when you could have an entire century of White House tours? Discussing the government's dispensing of funding Friday morning, the hosts of the conservative "Fox and Friends" program suggested that White House tours are more valuable than sex ed programs.
Despite Doocy's claims that "Planned Parenthood-style" sex ed programs maintain "no sex is unsafe," a large part of Planned
"The reality is that the cuts are affecting Head Start programs across the country," said Sally Aman, a spokesperson for
Sen. Tom Coburn argues that his friend the president told him that the sequester's budget cuts should hurt, including things like White House tours.