white house turkey pardon

"President Trump announces Thanksgiving turkey will be separated from family, placed in a cage without access to legal counsel."
A Republican staffer on Friday apologized for a Facebook post that criticized Malia and Sasha Obama's appearance at the annual
Palin seemed to unwittingly nail her remarks, commenting on the need to find "levity" in her job as turkey after turkey was
Although her office later denied that she'd known what was playing out behind her, Palin was reportedly asked if she wanted
On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a tradition going back to the Kennedy
But the retirements, however bright, have never been long. Here's how Katy Hall put it, with a macabre verve, in HuffPost
(The goriest moments have been censored in the video above.) For one day each year, the turkey gets its time to shine. While
Obama Pardons Two Turkeys For Thanksgiving
According to the Millers, who have 43,000 hens housed in two barns on their farm, the 19-week-old hybrid turkeys are quiet
But many, like Peace, don't make it that long. Turkeys bred for eating just aren't built to live long, so the presidential